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Featuring Stock Trading Alerts (Plus ETF Alerts) Hand-Picked by Ken Calhoun,
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ChartSCANS is designed to be easy to use, and is an ideal "shortcut" scanning service for active stock traders.    You get both Intraday and Swing Trading Alerts in one easy-to-use monthly membership alerts site — the perfect solution for busy active traders!

We scan the market charts each day before the bell so you don't have to — save hours of time as you see exactly what "daily dozen" stocks and ETFs each morning... it's just that easy.  

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We literally "hand-pick" the most volatile charts from among over 6,210 stocks in the market, carefully extracting a small, valuable "core group" of 8 ChartSCANS featured stocks each morning. 
    Once you register for ChartSCANS, you'll receive complete access to everything, including:
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Includes both swing trading and day trading stock and ETF alerts.

ChartSCANS can take the guesswork out of your trading, and help you spot powerful new trading opportunities every single trading day. 

If you've ever struggled with learning how to set specific trade entries, then ChartSCANS can help — fast.

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Now you'll easily be able to get each day's potentially strongest day and swing trading plays, delivered to your desktop — fast!  

And the best part is, you'll see complete entry price alerts to learn from, available for you and updated daily in your private members' area.
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